Friday, October 05, 2007

I Hereby Tag Amuirin!

As I was writing my tags for the Intellectual Blogger Award, the realization came to me that, time and again, when I've needed to be reassured there is beauty in this world, I've turned to Amuirin's blog, "Stop and Wander", to find beauty not only in the wonder of her poetic prose, but also in her wisdom. (Thank you, Amuirin!)

People sometimes complain that intellectuals are so in awe of ideas they turn them into clumsy, ponderous things. If so, Amuirin is certainly the exception. She is either such a gifted intellectual -- or she is such a gifted writer -- or she is both -- that she makes ideas dance.

She is so creative, unassuming, and even casual in the way she offers up an idea that you are almost never aware until later that she's actually smacked you upside the head with something quite profound. I find this is especially true of her writings on love, living, and spirituality.

She is an independent, creative thinker, who happens to be a beautiful thinker too, and so I am very pleased to tag her for the Intellectual Blogger Award.


Nita said...

Paul, you do manage to find very interesting blogs! thanks to you now I have some new blogs to explore. :)

stevo said...

Great choice. She is one-of-a-kind.

amuirin said...

You are too kind.

Paul said...

Amuirin: "You are too kind."

I must disagree, Fair Amuirin -- it is not Steve and I who are too kind -- it is you who are too modest. But the only fair way to settle this is by arm wrestling: Steve and I against you!

amuirin said...


fair takes on a whole new meaning from this side of the sweaty palms.