Friday, October 05, 2007

From Around the Net

For the first time in months, my blog reading was forced to take a back seat to other concerns last week. So, while I have some articles that I think you will find interesting -- and even excellent -- I have certainly missed others I would have liked to post here. That's why I think I'm going to post the first few now, and then update this list over the next day or so.

If you have a child in the house, you probably already know just how extremely important it is that you are well informed about which dinosaurs had feathers and which didn't. Other than that, it's simply fascinating to find out about those critters. There is now very good evidence that velociraptor had feathers, which you can read about on Ed's blog here.

Ken Ham recently updated his site "Answers in Genesis" with an article that argues science should be redefined to allow for supernatural explanations of why the universe works as it does. Zeno takes on Ham's absurd notion here.

Bill Hulet discusses those sometimes very subtle social walls we throw up between ourselves and others here.

In a brief, humorous article, The Rational Fool writes about "vocal terrorism" -- a form of terrorism we might all see one day and should prepare ourselves for. For some reason, I can't establish a permanent link to the exact article, so this link is just to the Rational Fool's blog. But search down the sidebar for the article, "Vocal Terrorism".

Glenn Greenwald writes here about a mystery that's puzzled me: Why are so many "liberal Democrats" voting with the President on the key issues on which they should have ideological differences with him?

The Daily Doubter has put up a really beautiful essay that on the surface only discusses the politics of DDT, but on reflection says so much about ideological thinking in general. Find it here.

Think Buddha looks very deeply into the relationships between various religious views and the tendency of people to murder their fellow humans here. I found his article both illuminating and thought provoking.

Good news (for some)! The Religious Right in America might pull out of the next presidential election by refusing to vote -- or by voting third party -- thus in all likelihood handing the election to the Democrats. Read about it on Ed Brayton's blog here.

Those are the "first ups" for this Friday, but I will be adding more to this list soon, so look for updates!


Steve has put up an interesting article on his response to some rap lyrics here, and a genuinely awesome photo here.

Mahendra researches and reports on a threat to internet free speech here.

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