Friday, May 04, 2007

She's Morally Confused! Will You Help Her?

Early this week, when the lady to the left heard that Mondays are Nude Blogging Days, she made a point of dressing up to blog.

Sadly, she's morally confused.

Due to an unfortunate head injury, she deeply believes that by dressing up to protest the possibly millions of people who blog in the nude on Mondays, she is saving her nation and society.

In her new, concussion-induced worldview, the sight of even a single naked nipple is fully capable of plunging society into a new moral dark age. She is no longer concerned with war, poverty, ignorance, environmental degradation, or disease. Those threats to society have paled for her ever since her accident. In their stead, she's discovered a dizzying conviction that somewhere, somehow, sometime, a naked nipple will emerge to usher in the apocalypse.

What can be done to help her? Scientists are even now attempting to reverse engineer the brick that smacked her on the head, but prospects for a full recovery are dim -- she's already applied for a high level job with Focus on the Family, and it looks like she'll be accepted now that she meets the mental qualifications for a vice president of that organization. So, at this point, her last hope on earth is you.

Yes, only you can help her now. By blogging in the nude on Mondays -- every Monday -- you and potentially millions of other nude bloggers give the lie to her delusion that nudity is a dire threat to society. That's to say, only by actually showing her nothing evil comes of nudity can you hope to help her. Won't you do your part to help her this coming Monday?

Won't you join the growing Nude Blogging Movement?


decrepitoldfool said...

Actually, since I am always naked under my clothes, I blog in the nude everyday. ;-)

Paul said...

LOL! I myself am alarmed at how many people go around in public stark naked under their clothes despite the decency laws!

Paul said...

I have just received word from Blogger that Blogger's spam prevention robots have mistaken Cafe Philos for a spam blog. Consequently, they have locked the blog -- which means I can't publish anything until a real, life human reviews the blog and unlocks it. Unlocking it might take as long as two days. Sorry for that!

Elton said...

Poor woman. What can be done for her?