Saturday, May 26, 2007

Eating and Giving

A friend recently lost her job and is short on money this month, so I'm sending her a few dollars to ease the situation.

I seem to recall that when I was much younger, giving was more problematic to me. That's to say, I thought when I was young that I had to somehow justify it. It is, after all, considered a moral act to give, and morality is something that ought to have a reasoned basis, right? So, when I was young, I seldom gave anything without trying to reason out why I was giving something.

At some point, it became tiresome to always wonder what grounds there were for giving, and I dropped any effort to do so. And that's when it became fun to give.

I think for most of us, it's just as natural to us to give when we see a need as it is for us to eat when we are hungry. We usually don't need to rationalize eating, so why do we sometimes feel we need to rationalize our giving? The effort takes the fun out of giving, just as it would take the fun out of eating.

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