Monday, May 07, 2007

Traumatized By Nudity?

About two years ago, a woman went to a drugstore here in town to pick up some photos she'd left to be developed. She was in a rush when she paid for her photos and didn't take a look at them until she got back home. That's when she discovered the drugstore had given her the wrong set of photos. Instead of the family pictures she expected, she found photos of a nude man.

Suppose you were the woman. What would you do?

Here's what the woman did: She called her lawyer, and he filed a lawsuit against the drugstore on her behalf alleging that she had been "traumatized" by the sight of the nude man.


By nudity.

Remember that story the next time you think society is morally sane. It's not. In all likelihood, more people than you think believe mere nudity is traumatic. That's why it's important to support the rapidly growing Nude Blogging Movement by declaring that you blog in the nude on Mondays.

Each Monday, potentially millions of nude bloggers give the lie to the crazy notion that nudity is traumatic. Won't you do your part by joining them?


Kay said...

I work in a health food and sports nutrition store. We carry various magazines for purchase, including such shocking titles as "Men's Health" and "Women's Fitness."

We regularly have to cover up the fronts of these magazines with card stock in order to avoid damaging the delicate young minds of the children that come with their mothers when they shop in our store.

*Rolls eyes.*

We also have a nutty older women who brings a portable emergency alarm (one like you'd have to scare off muggers or rapists) into the store. If she encounters a girl she things is being immodest, she sets off the alarm to notify everyone of her opinion.

I kid you not.


Elton said...

A LDS acquaintance of mine has a son who had written a fabulous essay titled "The Fall of Social Nudity and the Rise of Pornography." The content of the essay was so well done and so well researched that it stunned the judges who were judging.

Talk about being traumatized by nudity. It's so bad that essay judges are blindsided by such a wonderful article. Everyone in my LDS Nudist circle suggested that he send the article in to AANR for a scholarship.

Paul said...

Hi Kay!

Is it permissible to duct tape old ladies? Good lord! She's got nerve!

Hi Elton!

That sounds like a fascinating article! Just going by the title, I suspect there would be somewhat less genuine porn if there were more casual nudity. When we forbid something, we make it attractive precisely because it is forbidden.

Schwinn said...

"I suspect there would be somewhat less genuine porn if there were more casual nudity. When we forbid something, we make it attractive precisely because it is forbidden."

I have been saying this for years, but the archaic religious mentality and culture pervade human thought, propagating through obvious mediums.

What causes nudity to be repulsive? In our society, the explanation could draw from a number of sources.

What of the tribal natives in all parts of the world? Even they, whose women may not cover their breasts, cover their genitals. Is it human nature?

Elton said...

I suppose they want to protect people from having illicit sex. But by forbidding sex in the first place causes it to be enticing.